English Beginner Level and Pronunciation Course

Improve your English pronunciation with this engaging course
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Course Name: English Beginner Level and Pronunciation Course

Course Highlights

  • The English Alphabet and Phonetic Sounds

  • Consonant Sounds and Difficult Blends

  • Vowels and Combination Sounds

  • Numbers 1-100

  • Simple Present Tense Verb Usage

  • Nouns

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Detail Description

This course will help you if you are learning English or need to review the basics of English. Sometimes we have to review the foundation in order to understand the next levels. This course will work especially well if one needs help with pronunciation. In this course, I review the alphabet, all the consonants as well as the difficult consonants and blends such as: l, y, th, r, ue, oo, and many other combinations. In addition, we review the vowels, and numbers 1-20. We will also dig into nouns, verbs, simple present tense "To Be" verbs and creating simple sentences through out the entire program. I try to make it a little humorous (see the end of the "Vowels" lesson) with body gestures and facial expressions to keep the learning easy and not so boring. I made all the videos so you can take turns speaking too. Look for my hand on my ear or when I extend my hand so you can repeat. I'm excited to have you in my course. Your feedback is always welcome. Yours truly, Jessica


  • Chapter 1 The Basics

      Building a Strong Foundation  

    • 0 Hrs 1 Mins

      Introduction: What You Will Learn

    • 0 Hrs 10 Mins

      Chapter 1 Section 1 Alphabet and Phonetic Sounds with Word Practice

    • 0 Hrs 9 Mins

      Chapter 1 Section 2 Consonants and Difficult Blends

    • 0 Hrs 9 Mins

      Chapter 1 Section 3 Vowels and Difficult Combinations + Jokes 

    • 0 Hrs 8 Mins

      Chapter 1 Section 4 Numbers 1-20

    • 0 Hrs 8 Mins

      Chapter 1 Section 5 Numbers 20 - 100

  • Chapter 2

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