Survey Sampling Theory

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Course Name: Survey Sampling Theory

Course Highlights

  • Population

  • Survey sampling

  • Types of sampling method

  • Example of sampling in real life

  • theorem of sampling

  • Simple Random Sampling

  • Stratified Random Sampling

  • Systematic  Sampling

  • Cluster Sampling

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Detail Description

Survey Sampling is an important tool of Statistics. This course contain important technique of drawing the samples from a group of objects. These important methods are simple Random Sampling, Stratified Random sampling, Systematic Sampling and Cluster Sampling. This course start from the basic concept used such as concept of Population, Sampling, need of sampling. This course describes all sampling method in easy word with real life examples used in daily life so that every person can understand the course. The Survey sampling is used in nearly all types of research methodology. This is also an important tool used in Research Methodology. There are many types of research in which we have to draw samples from a lot or large population. if our study population is large, we cannot take whole population in a study. Because one have many restriction such as time and cost available for research work. So in this case we draw a small fraction of population. This small fraction is called sampl


  • Population and sampling

      Concept of population and sampling.

    • population

    • Types of Survey

    • Need of Sampling Survey

    • Basic Principle  Error in Sample Survey

    • Different Steps in Survey

    • Classification of Sample Survey

  • Simple Random Sampling

  • Stratified Random Sampling

  • Systematic Random Sampling

  • Cluster Sampling

  • Test your Knowledge

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