International Trade Supply Chain Logistics Transportation Import Export

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Course Name: International Trade Supply Chain Logistics Transportation Import Export

Course Highlights

  • Present actual data and mechanisms of international trade.

  • Assess and avoid risks by negotiating and assuring the risky dimensions of their international trade

  • Be aware of the different dimensions of international trade endeavours, the mechanisms,...

  • To clarify the relationship between the major theoretical debates, international discussions

  • Know what's International Trade and why does countries have to Trade

  • Learn what's the Supply Chain management (SCM)

  • To highlight the fundamental characteristics of the contemporary world economy

  • Clearly identify and differentiate the existing world-wide rules for international negotiation.

  • Be prepared for international negotiations with customers or suppliers, to dominate the negotiation

  • Economics of Trade - Comparative vs Absolute Advantages

  • Learn what's the logistic management

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Detail Description

1) Discover the basics of International Trade : History, institutions, Theories, Rules,... 2) The international logistic management involved rapidly, so what's the logistic management? what's the Supply Chain Management (SCM) ? We will go through all the contexts and backgrounds behind these Subjects; how to apply and use them, and we will also go deep into Regulations and the precautions needed to take into consideration to make international trade and business in the easiest, safest and most profitable way. the course will be divided in two general sections: The first section will be centered in understanding the international commercial and operational context in which these rules are used: 1) The following topics will be addressed in the first section: Foundations of international trade: International Trade: History, Numbers and Methods. The Foundations of International Trade Theory. The Main International Trade Theories absolute advantage and Comparative advantage.


  • International Trade Fundamentals 

      Description of this chapter 1

    • International Trade Relations 

    • Why Trade? 

    • The invisible hand theory 

    • Logistic management 

    • 0 Hrs 5 Mins

      Globalization and its consequences 

    • 0 Hrs 4 Mins


  • Global Trade, Supply chain, logistics and Transportation 

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