Operations Management

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Course Name: Operations Management

Course Highlights

  • Metrics

  • Staffing & Scheduling

  • Workforce Scheduling

  • Fundamentals of Billing

  • Sample 6

  • MIS – Presentation Of Data

  • Escalation Management

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Detail Description

It takes a leader to set priorities and accomplish goals. Business processes need more than just strategy and speculation to be effective. They need someone with the ability to actually carry them out. Professionals who take a course in operations management have the skills to make things happen and produce desired results. What is a course in operations management? It is a module that is typically offered to first time leaders/managers. It focuses on developing strategies to create and improve processes in an organization. Participants study how flow rates, bottlenecks and shrinkage levels affect the final output that is offered to customers. After completing this course, learners are able to analyze and improve procedures. They learn techniques for increasing productivity, controlling costs and reducing response times. By making use of case studies, they are able to learn from the successes and failures of other professionals and apply these lessons to their own careers. By the en


  • Metrics

      Importance of Metrics

    • What is Metric

    • Derivation Of metrics

    • Importance Of metric

    • Metric driven approach

  • Staffing & Scheduling

  • Workforce Scheduling

  • Fundamentals of Billing

  • Quality Management

  • MIS – Presentation Of Data

  • Escalation Management

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