Introduction to Computer Troubleshooting

All basic computer troubleshooting hacks explained in one place !!
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Course Name: Introduction to Computer Troubleshooting

Course Highlights

  • Identify the IT bugs and issues

  • Establish a theory of probable cause (question the obvious)

  • Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution

  • Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventive measures

  • Document findings, actions, and outcomes

  • Identify the common symptoms of Windows and security issues.

  • Work with the common tools of Windows and security that help in the process of troubleshooting.

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Detail Description

Computer Troubleshooting is not fixed steps to follow to solve a specific problem. It is a way of thinking. In this Program, we’ll cover troubleshooting theory (the way of thinking) and how to find the steps you need to take to successfully solve problems. Then, we’ll look at some ways to help keep your systems running in top shape, with a lot of practice during the whole program because the more you do it, the better you become, and the more your confidence grows.


  • Chapter 01 - Understanding Troubleshooting Theory

    • 0 Hrs 30 Mins

      Identifying the problem

    • 0 Hrs 15 Mins

      Establishing a theory

    • 0 Hrs 35 Mins

      Testing solutions

    • 0 Hrs 10 Mins

      Document the work

  • Chapter 02 - Troubleshooting Operating Systems

  • Chapter 03 - Troubleshooting Security Issues

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