Vedic Maths - Vegam(Veda Ganitam the Amazing Mathematics)

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Course Name: Vedic Maths - Vegam(Veda Ganitam the Amazing Mathematics)

Course Highlights

  • Love mathematics and do it voluntarily every day

  • Learn math with fun and games

  • Be not afraid of long calculations and complicated arithmetic

  • Acquire skill of long mental calculations which sharpens the brain and memory

  • Learn techniques of quick rechecking of calculations

  • Acquire magic formulae for doing complicated sums in seconds

  • Show overall improvement in academic performance

  • Get full advantage of the great secrets of math hidden in our ancient scriptures, without re

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Detail Description

Human brain has amazing power. Carnatic Classical Violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman was once asked after a concert in Germany as to how he could play so many compositions without a score sheet before him. He said “not only me but almost all classical musicians in India play thousands of compositions only from memory and never keep a score sheet in front of them”. it is only a matter of practice and habit. Children and Adult, if trained properly can carry out amazing mental arithmetic. The unique classroom and homework material provided in the course along with the class room exercises, games and competitions makes learning fun and amazes you by the way it attracts your child towards math. Vegam is an organized course of 4 levels on Vedic Maths of Swami Bharati Krishna Teertha. Vedic Maths (Veda Ganitam) is a complete system of mathematics invented and developed by the ancient Rishis of India, who were the inventors of 'zero' and 'infinity' among many other amazing mathematical concept


  • Vedic Maths Level 1

      Basic Mathematics concepts,  Interesting, Simpler and faster methods for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Squares, Division of small and large numbers.

    • Number Line Method

    • Add Using Dot Superscript and verifying answers

    • Subtraction Using Best Friend and Using Nine Method

    • Vinculum Method

    • Add using Paravartya Method and verify answer using Ankamula Method

    • Mixed Addition and Subtraction - Do Addition and Subtraction in one go and verify answer

    • Multiplication Tables- Easy Way

    • Multiplication of large numbers using Nikhilam Navatah Method

    • Multiplication using Main Base and Working Base

    • Multiplication - Multiply using Nikhilam 2

    • Multiplication using Vinclulum form

    • Squaring Numbers ending in 5

    • Multiplication using Sutra"Antyor Dasake Api"

    • Multiplication by 9 or number of 95

    • Multiplication by 11, 111 or 1111 etc.

    • Multiplication of Large numbers using sutra" Urdhwa Tiryagbhyam"

    • Normal Multiplication using DOT Superscript

    • Division Using Nikhilam Method

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