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Platform for everyone with all education and training management tools at one place

One platform, designed to support every possible knowledge sharing scenario, from every possible corner of the world.

Does not matter if it is Math, English, Programming, Finance, Fitness, Photography, Cooking or Product Training

No matter you are an organization or an individual. This is your one stop platform and marketplace.

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Why Learnmet?

Students / Learners

Make friends and contacts, discuss ideas, post, share, like, live classes, courses, class recordings, notes, blogging, rewards

Teachers / Trainers

Teach live, sell courses, publish articles, manage discussions, manage teaching, earn money, followers and recognition.


Get the best learning resources to your child, monitor child's progress while you can teach and learn too. Create a smart family


Hire online trainers, select courses, connect global employees for learning and sharing your brand values through content


Let everyone know your vision, join you and deliver quality education to the developing communities worldwide

Our mission is to empower, motivate and connect all experts, educators and learners worldwide with smart and social online tools that knowledge sharing becomes a charm and easy to help the world to take the next big step in eradicating barriers to education and learning

Platform Features

Learnmet Social Profile and Timeline

Online Social Profile

Tell who you are, what you think, posts, likes, share, comments, connections, friends

  • Share your ideas, skills, and passion
  • Let the world know what you offer (educators)
  • Get help on anything you are stuck with
  • Adapt to the social way of sharing knowledge

Online Calendar

Whether you teach, or you enroll to someone's classes Learnmet Calendar helps you collaborate online the smartest way

  • Manage all sessions, accept/manage student learning request
  • Students can request for session or register for a published events
  • Publish all recent events to everyone
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Learnmet Calendar

Live Connect

Learnmet Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom makes your teaching and learning more interactive and fun

  • Teach, Train and Learn Live one to one or in groups.
  • Don't worry, if you are remote with a poor Internet speed
  • It works as long as you have at least 2 Mbps

Online Course Management + Course Marketplace

Create and Sell Course (Experts) + Take Courses (Learners)

Learnmet Course Marketplace

Download Android App

Now Extreme flexibility for teaching, training and learning online

Wide Collection of Tools + Smart User Interface

Manage And Track Everything At One Place

Learnmet Dashboard

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