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  • Students, Trainees

    Get instant, live help on any learning need from experts all over the world or help others to learn. Search for learning materials, courses, assessments and subject matter experts. Manage your learning and schedule online. Retain and manage all knowledge content at one place. Make new friends and create your personal learning community using smart networking tools.

  • Teachers, Trainers, Instructors

    Teach individuals and groups live, online. Create, manage, share and sell interactive learning content in a multi-currency, online, smart marketplace. Connect with students globally, earn potential income part time or full time with your own rules. Gain more knowledge, recognition and followers globally. Be a smart teacher to make a larger impact.

  • Parents

    Save time, energy and money spent on travel. Have more family time. Search and choose the best teachers, courses and learning activities online for your child under any budget. Track and manage your child's learning online using your computer or phone anywhere, anytime and stay connected with teachers, other parents and students. You can learn and teach at Learnmet too!

  • Remote Schools, NGOs, Govt. Agencies

    We know its a pain to find good teachers. By leveraging Learnmet's fast growing Global knowledge network, you can quickly find and connect with teachers globally and locally based on your requirements of delivering education. Choose individuals that fits your need, collaborate, schedule sessions and continue after session collaboration along with knowledge retention. You can also build your own active community on Learnmet. Start Making your communities smart

  • Businesses, Employees

    Choose and engage subject matter experts for your employees across the world using Learnmet’s global, fast growing knowledge network. Let the employees enjoy interactive live training on flexible schedule using our virtual classroom. Retain the knowledge and increase re-usability with recorded session library dedicated to your company. Let your employees stay connected with experts and other employees 24/7 using our discussion forums. Increase productivity and save cost on logistics.

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