A Ground-breaking Online Platform

Poised To Shape The Future Of Education

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A Groundbreaking Online Platform Poised To Shape The Future Of Education

Learnmet Connects Individuals And Organizations, Facilitating Knowledge Sharing

SOMERSET, NJ, December 1st, 2017 - Teaching and learning is now easier than ever before - thanks to Learnmet. The newly-established educational online platform aims to help its members "network, teach, learn and share thoughts online", through providing them "with all smart tools at one place."

Combining online networking, online teaching and online learning, Learnmet is a thriving hub of individuals wishing to make their own contributions towards the advancement of education around the globe. Academic or professional students can find teachers, trainers, and other students, and vice versa; academic institutions can source teaching and training talent to staff their organizations; and parents can find other parents, students, and schools, too.

Furthermore, acting as a global marketplace for online courses, webinars, and tutoring services, Learnmet allows educators to offer their services on demand, either via self-study courses or instructor-led teaching. Students, on their part, can benefit from high quality learning materials, as well as a wealth of tools that help boost knowledge retention.

"Our mission is to empower, motivate and connect all experts, educators and learners worldwide with smart and social online tools that knowledge sharing becomes a charm and easy to help the world to take the next big step in eradicating barriers to education and learning", said Learnmet CEO Mr. Kanad Chatterjee.

"Our company aims to help businesses find top educators in their respective areas of expertise. Learnmet's social learning network will prove of great help to NGOs, allowing them to connect with teachers and trainers all over the world, schedule sessions with them, and deliver said sessions to their communities, anywhere those might be."

Concluding his statements, Mr. Chatterjee said that "Learnmet intends to provide sponsorship to various initiatives that align with its principles. We have recently lent our support to The New England Venture Summit, which is set to take place in Boston, USA, on December 6th, 2017. We are excited to see what the future holds, and we are looking forward to collaborating with brilliant students and educators from all around the world."

Learnmet is currently at the beta stage, while new additions to the platform are made very frequently. Any developments concerning Learnmet's growth will be released in future communications with the press.

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